West Wal Borrelroute

For the real bon vivants, social humans and history lovers! Together with our favorite restaurants & cafés De Barbaar, De Gist, Huszar and Einstein, we came up with the best caféroute of the year! Full of cool stories and anecdotes, beers, snacks and the typical Dutch cosiness. Your group of people, the route book and a bunch of fun… You don’t need a guide! Discover the history Delft, Delft facts, Delft products, Delft restaurants and Delft cafés. Discover the Westwal Borrelroute 2020!

The Westwal Borrelroute starts on Wednesdays – Saturdays at 15.00 at the Molen De Roos in Delft. There you’ll get your route book, Westwalmug and bicycle. After 4 delicious stops including beers & snack and a nice period of cycling, you’ll be back at the mill around 18.00 am.

"Cycling, laughing, discovering and enjoying the golden Delft borrel hours"