Group- and company activities

With colleagues, friends or family enjoying a place where old stories are still alive these days? Cool. Come along with DelftByCycle. Together we create a special and unforgettable program. How about a workshop baking bread or making sausages? A culinary bike tour or a culinary tasting? The possibilities are almost endless. Perhaps we combine the bicycle tour with another Delft activity. For us, everything is about the right atmosphere, vibe and enjoyment. Let’s come together and create an unforgettable group- or company activity.

For example


Biketour + Workshop

From 10 persons and more. We can arrange all kind of workshops: breadbaking, winetasting of sausagemaking? Let’s create a cool program together.

From €49 PP


Biketour + Lunch

From 6 to 15 persons. Enjoy a great lunch before or after your biketour. We know all the great lunchspots!(*without drinks)

From €45 PP


Biketour + Diner

From 6 to 15 persons. Enjoy a fabulous diner after your great biketour! We’ve selected the best places in town. (*without drinks)

From €69 PP


Biketour + Beertasting

From 10 persons and more. Cheers! Let’s visit the local brewery after your 1,5 hrs tour. Get 4 tasting and 1 extra local beer. Enjoy!

From €37 PP

With 30 civil servants on bicycles, is that possible? Yes of course. It was a informative and pleasant day